Does Atlantis Diamonds also sell lab created diamonds?

Yes, Atlantis Diamonds also sells lab created diamonds. Lab created diamonds are laser scribed and certified in the same manner that natural diamonds are graded. 

What is a lab created diamond & how does it compare to a natural diamond?

A lab created diamond is created in a laboratory and offers identical optical and chemical composition as compared to a natural diamond. So yes, they look exactly the same. Lab created diamonds cost 1/3rd less than a natural diamond

Is a Lab Created Diamond the Same as a Moissanite?

No Lab created diamonds are real diamonds, just like earth diamonds, chemically and structurally. Moissanite is not a diamond, it is a silicone carbide crystal. So therefore, it is an imitation of a diamond, and It is an inferior product with nowhere near the sparke, clarity and brilliance of a lab created or real diamond.