It takes thousands of years for diamonds to develop into rough, in comparison, a lab diamond speeds up this process by 100x. In terms of looks it’s virtually impossible to tell the difference by the human eye, even with proper lab equipment it’s difficult. With the same chemical make-up and a wonderful sparkle, both mined diamonds and lab diamonds are a wonderful choice.  

What is a Diamond Type IIa?

Also known as a diamond type 2a diamond, a Type IIa is one of four diamond classifications. Around 1-2% of all diamonds are classified as Type IIa (or 2a).

These gems are purely, or almost purely carbon, and are considered to be the purest and most valuable of all.

Type IIa diamonds have zero or exceptionally few nitrogen atoms within the crystal lattice structure. These diamonds can be completely colorless. 

Buying a Type IIa Diamond

During your search for the perfect diamond there are a few key things to consider, the certificate is very important and it should be issued by International Gemological Institute (IGI) or (GIA) The report contains all the critical specifications of the diamond and provides you with an authentic diamond grading that is recognized as the industry standard. 

The price of your diamond should reflect the IGI report findings. Type IIa diamond prices vary, you will pay substantially less for a lab grown type IIa synthetic diamond than a natural one. Specifications such as the color of your diamond and clarity of your  diamond also play a crucial role in the value of what you pay e.g E color vs H or Clarity VS1 vs I1.

We always suggest working with a Jeweler that you trust and that is providing you with all the proper certifications.

What is a laser inscription and is it important?

A laser inscription is an efficient and easy way to identify your diamond. Laser inscription is common throughout the diamond industry. Using a very fine and precise laser beam, alphanumeric characters, a brand logo, and even a personalized message can be inscribed on the girdle or outside the circumference of your diamond. Adding your IGI report number to your diamond’s girdle with Laserscribe® permits fast identification and verification of all of its gemological details.

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